10 October 2008

Last MCA Youth CC Meeting !

Today is the day of the last MCA Youth CC Meeting for the term of 2005-2008. This is also the last Youth CC meeting chaired by YB Dato' Liow Tiong Lai. Almost all MCA Youth CC Member tried to attend today's final meeting. Some of the CC Members who are going to retire or change their platform to the MCA Mother Body expressed their gratitudes for the cooperation and supports from all the C.C. members. As comrades who are working together for the past 3 years, Ah June also felt a little bit sad because he will miss the fun and joyous moments working with those who are retire and out going. Fortunately, they will continue their contribution to the Party after moving up to mother body. Amongst them, 10 of the C.C. members will be contesting in the upcoming MCA Election and almost half of them retire (may be graduating is the better word) from the Youth wing.

Well, this is a very touching moment and Ah June deeply felt the brothers'love from the close working relationship from the past many years. Ah June would like to wish all of them to have a good result in next week's MCA Election. Best wishes to all the brothers !

Thanks for your guidances for the past few years.

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