22 June 2009


Visit to RAGM: By Nicholas Goh June 20th, 2009.

Our visit to Raud Australian Gold Mine ( RAGM ) at Bukit Koman, Pahang, is solely to collect facts, meeting with the committee members of the "ban cyanide movement committee" - Committee, villagers reside near the mine and the key personnel of management of the gold mine.

According to the Ban Cyanide Committee, the health of the villagers from the surrounding area are affected by the operation of the mine. They suspect some form of unidentified gas with an offensive stench and is said to smell like rotten eggs, are responsible for some of the illnesses experienced by the villagers. In their opinion, the proximity of the plant to the village is deemed too close especially when deadly substances like cyanide is used. To substantiate their claim of the present of harmful gas in the village, one of the committee member Mr Hue claimed that he is in possession of a gas detection device which he monitor daily and agreed to show us after we come back from our visit to the plant.

This never took place as scheduled because Mr. Hue sms to say that he is on the way to KL to attend to an urgent matter.

During the visit to the plant, our delegate which also include a representative from the village, were shown all the process facilities, including the much talk about cyanide storage and intake areas. A full presentation was made to the group which also includes a Q&A session.

Following the presentation, a small discussion with the senior plant management took place in the office. It was made known to the management about the complaints that we have received earlier from the committee.

It was further agreed that the management must have a open policy to engage the villagers for dialogue to address their concerns. Disputed facts should be verified, ie. work with the committee to see the gas detection equipment which the committee claims that high level of hydrogen sulfide was detected. In addition, we also suggested and agreed by the management that they should work with the villagers to identify the unknown gases and the sources.

To remove the suspicion of the villagers, the management also willing to give group tour for them on short notice. From the discussion with the villagers, in my opinion that most of them seem to accept the fact that the plant is here and will remain for now. To close down the mine is not an easy task. As such, a way to coexist should be established to address first and foremost their health concerns.

The villagers are advised to hold a meeting where all questions and doubts to be compiled. We have agreed and if needed, we will contact the management to have a dialogue with them to address the issued that they have compiled. In our opinion, this is a right step ahead!


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地点:吉隆坡雪华堂 KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH)

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