24 September 2008

1017 MCA Youth National Election, SAY NO TO MENU !

A lot of new faces appered after MCA State Youth Election. Many up and coming raising star is going to contest in the National Election as well. Ah June's "brothers" in the national Youth like Dr Wee Ka Seong, Dato' Chai Kim Sin, Wyman Yoo, Yip Li Kok, Ling Hee Keat, Lee Li Yew etc got recommanded by their state youth to contest in High Post in National Youth. Very sad, Selangor have too many talented young leaders. Ah June is out of their "List">

Never mind, Ah June fully agree with Datuk Ong Tee Keat's statement that he have no individual "Menu" or partner in this coming party election. What he agree and accept is: The Elected Team of MCA CC by the central delegates. Also supported by Dr Wee Ka Seong, who is contesting the National Youth Chief after Dato' Liow Tiong Lai moving to VP in the parents body. Ah June fully agree and support this idea of No Menu, no preferred team or partner. Is free for all, after 308 Tsunami, any youth leader who think he is fit or confident to contribute to the party and the youth movement, should come forward to nominate or offer himself in the coming National youth election. Let the democracy work itself, let the delegates decide the future of the youth movement in MCA. Not a few leaders who fit it or prepare menu for it.

Ah June ( Loh Chew June ) is a strong supporter to the above mention. Let be free for all, let us choose our own leader who can lead us toward the brighter side of the world after 308 Tsunami. Ah June is going to contest as well. He is interested in a few high post except Youth Chief which he believe Dr Wee is the best candidate to lead the MCA NATIONAL YOUTH. Ah June having 3 terms 9 years experience in national youth working under Ong Tee Keat and Liow Tiong Lai. Also close working relationship with Dr Wee. Ah June used to be Deputy Chief of Education Bureau with Dr Wee. He believe his present in the National Youth can compliment Dr Wee's leadership as well. All Brothers in MCA Youth please give your view to Ah June which post he should contest. eg: Vice Youth Chief, Deputy Secretary General, Deputy Treasurer or ??????? Your comment will be highly appreciated by Ah June and he will take it into consideration when making his decision by this Friday. Thank you !


Anonymous said...


If you really "够薑", maybe u can consider going for 2nd man post. Otherwise, go for vp.

One more option is organizing sec, which i think it is more suitable for u.

This is just my 2 cents thot.

All the best ya!

ahjune2008 said...

TQ for ur opinion. Will take into consideration.

ahjune2008 said...

Organising Sec is good, but is by appointment one. Not easy. haha

Ti Lian Ker said...

menu politics will be present but maybe in a subtle form.that is the reality of real politics. i was the youngest State Assemblyman way back in 1995 and was still the youngest State Assemblyman til 2008 when i was dropped as a candidate. my greatest regret was i i had never serve in th mca youth and i did not have the courage to go against the political trend than which was very 'menu' orientated. til now i have to do lots of soul searching...wat went wrong? wat did i do that was so wrong and unforgivable rong? my GREATEST WRONG WAS I TREAT THE PARTY AS MY BOSS AND NOT THE PARTY BOSS AS MY BOSS... :(
good luck 2u, June!

Gavin said...

June, shuixinglang here is fully support you, for you and for the principle i always insist and believe, no MENU, go for it.

MengDynasty said...

I believe it is time to go for Vice Youth Chief.

But, for what ever decision you make, I will still support you.


ahjune2008 said...

TQ all my dear brothers, sisiter. I m getting a lots of good advice from all over the country. TQ for your kind words and supports. I will make my decision tomorrow and announce in a press conference on saturday noon. B4 that, i will let you all know in my blog. Millions Thanks and take care.