21 September 2008


MCA Selangor had it convention today. It 1st convention after the 308 Tsunami.Attendant is less, only 991 members turn out for it. As a MCA member, Ah June did participated in the convention and debate as well. Ah June want all MCA members to wake up, don't blame UMNO only. They must prepare themselve for a more challenging political situation.

Ah June want all MCA Cabinet members voice out the community needs and views in the cabinet, fighting the basic right of the rakyat. Not only talking to the press, but also voice it in the Cabinet and BN Supreme Council as well.

Policy is the deciding factor for everything. Only by changing the unfair policy toward certain race or community group, the country can go further. No way the government should discriminate the Rakyat by different their race, religious or ethnic group. The government must do it fairly, policy must be fair to all races and rakyat.

No way using New Economy Plan ( NEP ) again. The BN Government must distribute the country's resources fairly, irregardless of race, religion and social class. For instant: building all type of primary school in the area that need to have more school. Systematically and formalist the building of Chinese Schools in chinese community area. Indian school for Indian residential area and Malay School in Kampung Melayu area according to the need of the community.

Ah June want MCA to support the abolishment of the ISA. Only review is not enough, must abolish it totally. Today the victims are 3 person, one day we might be the next victim.The Police force must charge all person arrested in court. No way they should use ISA to arrest anyone.

Ah June also want MCA to register its members after the new leadership is elected on 18th October 2008. With the number of 1 million members doesn't mean MCA can get the same amount of vote in the General Election. Only about 30% of the "member" voted BN, MCA candidate in particular.These mean 70% of the member are inactive or don't even know they are MCA member. We want 300k actual or real member instead of figure of 1 million but can't locate them. These member can help BN and MCA to win back those state lost to PAKATAN RAKYAT by activate them in various activities and functions.

Good luck MCA, hope you can elect a group of middle age new leaders like Ong Tee Keat, Liow Tiong Lai etc. Let these new leadership to bring MCA out of the low and create a New MCA.


Wind said...

Bravo for Ah June (for dare debating sensitive issue in convention). Well, let spice up even more……….

Recently lots of foreign investors in Malaysia have decided to relocate theirs company (Far Far away from Malaysia). Why? Because all this nonsense rule-lah..

We always said that, Malaysia is peaceful and harmony place. Ya- rite, for advertisement only. How is the reality. Buy the newspaper, and read it. You will shock toward the reality.

Stop reading reading all those taboild, read Malaysian newspaper!!! Everyday, there are new excitment, money back gurantee.

Job are difficult to find in previous day, and now it is even worse. Who to blame? Of course , all this unfair arrangement .

And, please do not blame all those fresh graduate for lepak all the time, it is really, really not their fault.

And also do not blame oversea graduate for not return Malaysia, because it is brilliant idea.

ahjune2008 said...


Fully agree, I m the opposition in the party who speak the true. No worry, if they want belanja me eat'nasi lemak', I m most well come. If detaintion of me can change for ABOLISH of ISA, worth it. TQ anyway !

Wind said...

Well, if suddenlly nobody is updating this blog, I will assume that someone have belanja Ah June eat free "Nasi Lemak".

If by any chances that, Ah June has chances to eat free "Nasi Lemak". Please inform him to eat more, because nowaday "Nasi Lemak" is very very expensive.

ahjune2008 said...

Terima kasih kerana belanja ku makan "nasi lemak". The special branch officer already talk to me regarding my debate. The real speech was even sharper than what Ah June wrote in this blog.

Anyway, how to inform u if Ah June is caught by Nasi Lemak team ??
Haha !

MengDynasty said...

It seem like you guys are having very interesting discussion at here.

And I also agree that, the New Economic Policy need to abolish. Luckily, it is with the name of “New”, otherwise I thought it is Retro Economic Policy (Ekonomi Polisi yang sudah karat). Well, according to the school of thought from Micheal Porter ‘s competitive strategy, we need to be competent to survive in this highly competitive environment.

Try to recall, when the recent Penang government has voice out to abolish NEP, they has gained lots of support from all the giant foreign investors. And I’m strong believed that, the economy for Penang could be better in the future.

But about abolishing ISA, I really have doubt on it. I mean, there is nothing wrong with ISA act, the only thing that went wrong those people who execute the rule, someone has abuse it.
Even though, the parliament abolish the ISA act. I’m sure that, for those people who have intention to abuse the law, will certainly apply other act to imprisonment the scapegoats.

And really sorry to say that, if you wish to stop this sadness incident from repeating. The best way to fix the driver behind the wheel.