19 September 2008

Back To School !

Today Ah June went to Securities Commission for an ITI Course. 1st time after many years, Ah June feel like back to school day.

After working for 15 years in the Stock Market. Ah June gone tru many crisis and boom of the market.

1993 was the super bull year. where Ah June made his 1st fortune. 1994,1995 were the disaster year. 1996 was second board bull run. 1997 Share market Peak around July,collapsed after Merdeka day when the Asian Financial Crisis occurred. ( now should call it Financial Tsunami ).1998-2000 was very back when Refomasi was hot after Anwar was arrested and in prison due to ....................! 2001-2007 was the slow recovery year. 2007 Share market, commodity price start picking up. Until 8th March 2008, when the Political Tsunami for BN appeared, Share market have gone down. On Thursday 18 Sep 2008. Composite Index gone as low as 965 point( hit 2 year's low since Oct 2006 ) and closed at 991 ( luckily not 911 ). Friday 19 Sep, Share came up, CI: up 34, closed at 1025.70 due to USA market rebound. Same day MP Teresa Kok was released after detained under ISA for 8 days.

Well, what is the road ahead for BURSA KL and Malaysia as well in this political and Financial unstable era ?? No one could answer this. Good luck Investors and All fellow Malaysian. Ah June got to go back to class now.

Cheers !!!!!!!

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