19 September 2008


Ah June is back to school today ! Giving the requirement by the BURSA KL, all trader or remisier must attend 4 ITI Course within 3 years in order to renew their license. Ah June choosen a course call: Corporate Strategic Analytics I: Essentials of Corporate Proposal Analysis.

Being first time to Securities Commission ( SC )building, Ah June took NPE to Bangsar than go to Damansara heading for SC near Mont Kiara. While driving, Ah June gone the wrong way and over shot to TTDI. He received a call from a friend, asking him weather released of Terasa Kok is due to pressure by the general public or mainly because PDRM satisfy with the investigation and agree that Teresa is no longer a treat to the internal security after 8 days of detention. Ah June feel this is a great question because the General public will continue to fight for their right giving this great success. Most Chinese political parties, Chinese Associations and even cabinet members also against the detention of Teresa Kok under ISA. These action mainly driven by the public opposition on the ISA Action.

Well, as community leaders, those Chinese Association Leadership are well connected to Chinese Political Parties. They can always voice out the community's view on certain issues. Teresa Kok's case is a very good example. BN government know that their will not get the public support if they keep doing things against the Public opinion.

Friends, let voice out our view and fight for our right without thinking of our race, we are Malaysian. One country one dream. Take care Teresa, hopefully you are the last 3 victims of ISA. Friends, say NO to ISA. BN, please release RPK as well. As a fresh blogger, we sincerely hope the government give full freedom to us. Hidup Blogger ! Malaysia Mesti Boleh if BN give us full rights !


Wind said...

Absolutely agree!!!

But I believe it took huge courage to make such comment.

Lets cross the fingers, and hope nobody is inviting Ah June to makan "curry rice".

ahjune2008 said...

TQ Wind,

As Malaysian, I beleive we have freedom of speech. We can voice whatever we feel is right. TQ !