28 September 2008

Sunshine Youth's Conclusion !

After 3 year of hard works, today Sunshine Youth had it last meeting for this term. There did a conclusion: from the year 2005 until now, the Sunshine Youth Club manage to recruit 12,000 members. This is an encouraging result. Well, as CEO of the Sunshine club, Ah June always want them to be the best of the best !

Today is too tired, continue tomorrow ! Minta maaf !
Sorry ! yesterday was really tired and still sick. (6.10pm 28 Sep@Alor Star)

Sunshine Youth Malaysia manage to sent 10 volunteers to Beijing Olympic Games as International Volunteers. They buy their own tickets, pay for accommodation etc. They are the elite group of Malaysian Youth. They good performance is highly recommended by the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, as well as the Beijing Olympic Council. Well, Ah June i
s proud of them.
( The Malaysian Olympic Volunteers' Blog: http://www.themovs.blogspot.com/ )

Beside, the Sunshine Youth also managed to organised many functions which is welcome by the young Malaysian. For instant: Musical concerts, Mountain Climbing, Scuba Diving, 3x3 Basketball Compatition, Seminars, Camps, Motivation Courses etc.

To be continue !


Anonymous said...

Great things you have done for
the Sunshine club!12,000 is really a number that needs lots of hard work eh.

p/s. Hope your fever get better now.

ahjune2008 said...

TQ brother,my fever is ok, still sore throat. Cant speak loud. Now still in Alor Star ! Campaigning hard due to triangle fight, really have to work extra hard.

Anonymous said...

Please take care of yourself ya.
See you in Tawau next week.