30 September 2008

Campaigning in the hard way !

The MCA National Youth campaign started last Thursday. Ah June follow the convoy going round the country. As an independent candidate, Ah June contesting in the Deputy Secretary General post, facing 2 others strong contestants, Ah June have to work extra hard in order to get supports from the central delegates.

Ah June have to talk to every single delegate if possible tell them his motives, scope of works in the party for the past 10 years. He also must tells the delegates his plan for the next 3 years. As old timer in the MCA National youth, Ah June have 3 terms, 9 years experiences in the National level. 4 terms, 12 years in the State and Division level. As an hard working party man. Ah June believed that his hard works for the past 12 years can gain some supports from the grass roots. The only thing he have to do is: sell his past records to all central delegates. tell them what he did and let them judge and decide who to choose.

NOW, left 13 days to nomination, 17 days to polling day. Lets wish Ah June all the best, lets tell all delegates that Ah June is a very hard working, sincere party man. Lets give him your vote, make him the next Deputy Secretary General of MCA National Youth. TQ !


Wind said...

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.

Liane Cordes

ahjune2008 said...

Thanks Wind,

I will work even harder to get enought support to past the border line.