05 October 2008

Home sweet home !

Ah June is finally back to home sweet home after one week of campaigning. He missed his kids and lovely wife very much. When he was in Sabah ( Campaigning for his MCA Youth Deputy Secretary General post ), he got a call from his lovely wife, telling him that his daughter Zi Yan was injured during her play in the Time Square Theme Park. Ah June was so worried. He felt sorry for his daugther Zi Yan for not able to accompany her and her brother Zi Yang during the long school holidays.

Ah June's 5 year old daughter Zi Yan always wanted to hug him whenever he comes home. Zi Yan was complaining she is unable to see daddy for one whole week. Zi Yan wasn't crying when she was sent to the Master Leong's house for treatment. She told Ah June over the phone, saying "Daddy, i won't cry. I'm a good girl. I won't let mummy worry about my leg." Oh god, how sad it was for Ah June when he heard that. He felt sorry about being away from home for so long. That is the price a politician has to pay, even though he hasn't achieve any success yet.

Ah June usually gets home around midnight when Zi Yang and Zi Yan were asleep. As usual, Ah June switch off their aircond, check their blanket is covering them. Only then he will take his shower. Last night, Ah June had a good sleep until 8am this morning. He was awaken by Zi Yan when she came in the room and hugged him and kissed the daddy's face. What a sweet moment for Ah June, he also hugged the little daughter too, kissed her on her little face. It was so sweet. Ah June forgot all his tiredness and pressures over the week. It's a wonderful moment. It's good to be back home. Home sweet home.




ahjune2008 said...

Hi Raymond,TQ very much for your encouragement ! Will try my best to get tru this contest. Wish u all the best too !