01 October 2008

OTK's manifesto launched !

The MCA Presidency candidate Datuk Ong Tee Keat launched his manifesto on Tuesday morning. Hundreds of Central Committee (C.C.) delegates, Division, State and National Leaders attended the ceremony. They were Ong Ka Chuan, Liow Tiong Lai, Dr Ho Kok Chong, Dr Wee Ka Seong, Wong Mok Leong, Kong Cho Ha, Chor Chee Heong etc. We can see the OTK's Fan Club members wearing their Orange T. This Orange Team mainly made up of youths from the age of 15 to 35. About 20 of them were working as volunteers to help OTK. This mean OTK can still attract the support of the junior youth as well as middle-age group.

Well, if any people wanted to discuss about the manifesto, please give your comments, but please no personal attack. TQ !


leerock said...

Only talk can't do thing.
Talk only to own race ,public only on own language's newspaper also can't do thing.

Already give platform and more than 20yrs time for OTK to perform, but the outcome is so disappointed.
Please think back now, you still remember what he had done for past 20yrs.

What I can remember is MCA youth 308.

After 59 years of effort,only a person like OTK can lead MCA, I think a lot of MCA members must say sorry to Tun Tan.

leerock said...

Sorry MCA youth 803, not 308.

林恩霆 said...


leerock said...


菜都煮好了,还可加菜吗 ?





ahjune2008 said...

Lee Rock,

Thanks for your comments. To be fair to OTK, u should come and join him for a while, than u know he is a strait forward, sincere person. Not like what u said, he do nothing. That's wrong. I supported him for the past 10 years bcoz he is a real person, no corruption, no bullshit type. Maybe some people don't like OTK due to no"kang tou"from his side bcoz he is a clean person.

Those cari makan people sure don't like him. Jimmy Chuah did told me he wont fight OTK, but what happen now ?????

Too sad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


MengDynasty said...

I believe great leader will attract lots of followers. And supporters will not appears, if the personal attributes of the leader can’t convince them.

skymaster said...


2000年 - “張明添基金”事件,差點被開除黨籍;

2002年 - “528報變事件”,他是首位站出來反對政黨收購報業;

2003年 - 揭露黨內的“黑金政治”,被高層集體要求辭職;

2006年 - 揭發公孺華小3萬令吉政府撥款被“騎劫”的“幹撈事件”,被內閣警告。